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Hitachi NR90AE Nail Gun Review

Nail guns are probably one of the most important tools in carpentry. Nailers allow the user to drive nails with just one hand freeing the other for positioning the work.

It also allows the user to get into tight or awkward locations where it would be difficult with a regular hammer.

With the amount of nail driving involved in carpentry, it is no wonder that there are different products available on the market today that offer a wide range of features from the type of material used for the housing to the size of nails it can accommodate such as the Hitachi NR90AE.

The Hitachi NR90AE is ergonomically designed to ensure that it sits well in the hand. It is also equipped with a non-slip elastomer grip trigger for extra comfort and additional safety. It also features a two-piece aluminum magazine to make switching a breeze.


  • Brand: Hitachi
  • Non-slip elastomer grip trigger
  • Flip actuation switch
  • Hardened claw tip
  • Two-piece anodized aluminum magazine
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds


The Hitachi NR90AE is a very sturdy nail gun. It works quite well with all sorts of volume from small to high volume nailing jobs. It can also withstand wear and tear and the abuse that tools sometimes have to endure on a job site.

It is well-designed with its safety slide peg located at the back of the nail channel. This means that you can pretty much use this nail gun in tighter spots than with most nails guns available today.

Those who have reviewed the Hitachi NR90AE found that this nail gun does not jam even during high volume jobs. It drives nails through quite easily without jamming.

You can use this nail gun to drive 1000 nails straight up without experiencing any jams all throughout. They also found that it does not misfire. It fires smoothly even using 5/8 to 1 and 5/8-inch brands and does not jam.

Others also found that it is quite lightweight for a nail gun with its size and design. It sits well on the hand and they did not have to deal with arms being tired after using the Hitachi NR90AE even for extended periods of time.

Some also liked the additional feature of the small clear peek-window which provides a view if you are running low on nails. They liked the fact that it does not leave a noticeable imprint on the wood once the nail is in. The imprint is small enough that you hardly have to fill it up and cover it.


A few who have reviewed and used the Hitachi NR90AE found that even its shallowest setting can be a bit more powerful than expected. This means that when used for soft materials or wood pieces it tends to drive through too deep which will require more cover.

Although some found no issues with jamming or misfires, others have experienced it. They reported that the slider gets jammed every so often and does not sink nails in all the way.

They also found that it does not shoot 2-inch nails as flawlessly as they would expect and as it is advertised.

Sliding a 2-inch brad would be too tight and if you are able to slide it in the mechanism it would only drive the nail half-way through so you would have to either hammer it in or take it out.

The Hitachi NR90AE tends to jam after a few shots resulting in having to stop work and spend a few minutes clearing the magazine to resume function.

This takes away additional time and effort from the project and if you have a schedule to keep this could pose a problem especially if it is an ongoing issue.

Some also found that the Hitachi NR90AE is not oil-free, although not a big deal, it would have been nicer if it was.


Overall, the Hitachi NR90AE is a good inexpensive nail gun that is lightweight and sturdy. It can withstand much abuse and is lightweight enough to last for extended periods of time without having to deal with arm fatigue.

Although it is a powerful nail gun that can usually sink nails without a hitch, it tends to jam when using a 2-inch brad.

Ultimately, the Hitachi NR90AE is a good option if you are looking for a nail gun for home projects and small to mid-size jobs but may not be a good alternative for high intensity, high volume projects.

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