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Bostitch F21PL Review

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Bostitch F21PL

This Bostitch framing nailer is packed with useful features that make it stand out from other nailers in its class. Like most all framing guns the Bostitch F21Pl is best for large jobs due to its power, making it a breeze to complete tasks quicker and more easily.  Although many pros use this gun, it appeals to DIYers as well. This nail gun is perfect for a number of tasks, both around the house and on the job.

The Bostitch F21PL pneumatic nail gun can put out a powerful 1,050 in./lb, giving  a perfect power to weight ratio among its competition. Since this is a powerful tool take note to use a compressor that can support its power.

Driving nails at 90-120 psi this Bostitch gun can pound up to 3-1/2″ fasteners with ease. Designed to be fast and accurate,  its high capacity magazine and very affordable pricing make it a smart choice for anyone. The light magnesium body can holds 60, 21 degree round head framing nails from 1-1/2” to 3-1/2”.

To ream more detailed reviews and to check out the best possible price for this product take a look at this page on the Bostitch F21PL framing gun.

Bostitch F21PL Framing Nailer Specs

  • Color: Yellow
  • Fastener Collation: Plastic
  • Loading type: strip
  • Maximum nail size: 3.5in.
  • Minimum nail size: 1.5in.
  • Magazine size: 60 nails
  • Unique features: Smart trigger
  • Warranty- 7 year limited
  • Nail gun application: Framing
  • Nail gun type: Pneumatic
  • Power source: Compressed air
  • Weight: 8.1lbs
  • Depth: 20.25in.
  • Height: 14.25in.
  • Width: 16.13in.

The F21PLl’s ability to use both round head or hurriquake nails makes it an easy choice for shoppers as many other guns aren’t capable. Many building codes require roundhead nails, another reason many professionals have made the switch to Bostitch.

Let’s look at more unique features that users love about this nail gun. Forget searching for your tools to make adjustments while on the job. With the push of a button nail depth can be changed effortlessly, which is also a huge time saver. The unique nosepiece makes for quick and easy change from plastic to metal connected fasteners. With the Bostitch F21PL you will also have peace of mind with its 7 year limited warranty.

With the Bostitch name comes unique testing before its put on the shelves.  For example manufacturers will randomly pull guns from the assembly line which are put through a rigorous 1 million nail firing test. Something that other guns can’t even come close to.

Along with these powerful heavy duty tools comes a degree of danger. It’s important to read manuals and use caution when operating a nail gun. To learn more about using framing guns effectively and safely take a look at this informative article.

For more reviews on some of the competition or to check out a nail gun comparison chart go here. If you have any feedback on Bostitch framing nailers we’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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