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Top Features-Best Cordless Nail Gun

Cordless nail guns are portable, sturdy, and, well you guessed it – have no messy cords/cables. Instead, they are powered one of two different ways.  Battery powered nailers run on rechargeable batteries, typically 18V NiCAD or LiON batteries. Like most power tools, they come in a variety of sizes, makes, and price ranges. The second type of power when searching for the best cordless nailer is a Fuel Cell nailer. This type of nailer works by using a small amount of fuel that will inject into a chamber. Than a spark supplied by the battery causes a small burst or explosion which gives the nailer power to drive a fastener through the wood.

The good news is that there are top-notch cordless nailers by popular brands like Hitachi, Senco, Bostitch, Dewalt, and others. There are, however, a few shoddy products out there.

So, when looking for a cordless nail gun, it sure pays to consider certain essential features.

Trigger Size

As trivial as it sounds, the size of the gun’s trigger plays a crucial role in making your work easier and safer. Apart from firing nails in designated direction, the trigger also influences how maneuverable the nail gun is. In practice, a sensible trigger should be large enough to be operated by someone wearing heavy-duty gloves or for you to fit more than one finger in case fatigue occurs. Plus, it should be comfortable to handle.

Nail Depth

A nail gun with adjustable nail depth is ideal for multipurpose use. This way, you can switch between nail depths without any hitch. Building codes have changed dramatically for the past two decades or so. That means you will be required to do “countersinking.” Of course, no one wants protruding nails. They can be dangerous and are simply an eyesore. A nail depth adjustment that is easily adjustable can make a huge difference when the need arises.


Most manufacturers deliver the nailer with a case. It’s a sign of a forward-thinking manufacturer. Why would you need a case? A case protects the nailer, ensuring that it lasts for a long time which also make moving, organizing, and cleaning easy. It is a good place to keep manuals and spare nails.


The best cordless nail gun should be designed to load nails without any difficulty. Most magazines can load quickly and without much hassle. Also, magazine capacity is paramount. A gun with large magazine capacity allows you to work for long without reloading nails. This way, you can dwell on what matters most:  Getting the job done.

Clearing Jams

Believe or not, jams can occur on even some of the most well-designed cordless nail guns. It is therefore crucial to use a nailer that makes clearing jams effortlessly easy. Some of them have tool-less jam release mechanism to help you with that.

Size Adjustment

A good nailer should offer enough flexibility to hold different nail sizes. And that shouldn’t be all. The nail gun should also make switching between different sizes easy. Some require the use of tools, but there are those that offer tool-less adjustment feature. The last thing you want is to be fumbling around for tools while switching between nail sizes in the middle of a project.

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